In a world that's now powered by big data and advanced technologies, digital is disrupting everything from business models to entire industries - and impacting organizations - from top to bottom.

Many organizations are asking "What is my digital strategy?"

At EY, we think the better question is...
Does your business strategy work in a digital world?

To unlock your digital agenda, you need a clear vision of where you are starting from. You need to understand digital across all the component parts of your business and assess the sum of these parts. This gives you essential context against which to make decisions about all of your digital initiatives, helping you to identify priorities and develop a common digital vision for your organization.

EY's Digital Readiness Assessment (DRA) will give you that context.


This online, interactive, assessment and benchmarking tool enables you to benchmark digital maturity across seven focus areas:

  • Strategy, innovation & Growth
  • Customer Experience
  • Supply Chain & Operations
  • Technology
  • Risk & Cyber Security
  • Finance, Legal & Tax
  • People & Organisation

You'll get clear data on your performance in each area, showing your current ability to navigate the digital world and ideas for adjusting your business strategy to mitigate the risk of digital disconnection and seize opportunity with your digital investment.

Your Digital Readiness Assessment findings will:

  • Drive consensus among your business leaders around your digital strengths, weaknesses and gaps
  • Allow you to benchmark your organisation by sector, geography or business size. See how you compare with competitors in the same sector - and against digital leaders in other sectors whose tactics you would like to emulate
  • Explore differing views by business function or see how other business leaders see their digital readiness

You'll then receive:

  • Regular Thought Leadership based on anonymized DRA findings - revealing trend data on the criteria that lead to digital success
  • Regular conversations with EY Partners and Digital Subject Matter Resources, to help you navigate the findings and ensure you form a valuable action plan that will help shape your business strategy for a digital world
Thought leadership from EY